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Optometrische Dienstleistungen

Durch unser grosses Glaslager, mit Rodenstock Markengläsern der neuesten Generation, können wir ihnen für ein sehr grosses Stärkenspektrum einen Expresservice zum fertigen ihrer Brille anbieten. Durch unsere hochmoderne Werkstatt mit den neuesten CNC Schleifsystemen ist es uns möglich ihre neue Brille in nur 60 min. fertigzustellen.

We offer you extensive services for checking your glasses, contact lenses and eyes:


Eye test, lens determination

In addition to an anamnesis and vision analysis, this includes the determination of the exact lens correction (determination of visual strength).


Contact lens adjustments and controls

Contact lens adjustments and checks by highly trained specialists. We recommend that you have the tolerance, fit and prescription of your contact lenses checked at least once a year.


Preventive eye check

If necessary, we can offer you the preventive eye check based on the determination of the lens. This regular check-up is used for the early detection and prevention of eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma. Depending on the situation, we recommend checking different areas of the eyes in the front (cornea / eye lens) and / or rear area (retina / optic nerve). Additional medical check-ups give you the greatest possible security.


you want to arrange an appointment?

You can reach us during our opening hours on +41 818 335 895 or by email at

We look forward to helping you.


Price list optometric services:


Share of lens determination CHF 45.-


Contact lens service costs per hour CHF 120.-


Preventive eye check (lump-sum time expenditure) CHF 40.-

Anterior segment control including tear film analysis per eye CHF 15.-

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